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Installation and commissioning of equipment and general requirements

Source: this station Time:2019 03 19
  1) Opening acceptance
  After the arrival of the new equipment, the equipment management department, together with the purchasing unit, uses the unit (or receiving unit) to carry out the open-box acceptance, check whether the equipment is damaged, lost, accessories and random spare parts in the course of transportation. Whether special tools, technical data, etc. are in contract or not. The packing list is in conformity with each other, and the acceptance slip for the opening of the equipment is filled in and stored in the equipment files. If there are any defects or unqualified phenomena, the relevant units should be immediately consulted for processing, obtaining or claiming compensation.
  2) Installation and Construction of Equipment
  In accordance with the requirements of the layout plan of equipment technology and installation drawing, basic drawing, outline size of equipment and mutual spacing drawn by the technology department, the basic construction and equipment handling are organized and positioned. The following factors should be taken into account when designing the layout of equipment technology.
  (1) To meet the needs of process flow
  (2) Workpiece storage, transportation and site cleaning should be facilitated.
  (3) External dimension of equipment and its accessories, limit position and safe distance of moving parts
  (4) Requirements for the safety of equipment installation, maintenance and operation should be guaranteed.
  (5) Work matching between plant and equipment, including width and height of door, span and height of plant, etc.
  In accordance with the relevant specifications for the installation and acceptance of mechanical equipment, the leveling of equipment installation should be done well to ensure the stability of installation, reduce vibration, avoid deformation, ensure processing accuracy and prevent unreasonable wear and tear. Before installation, technical submission should be made, and construction personnel should be organized to study the relevant technical data of the equipment carefully, to understand the performance and safety of the equipment and the matters needing attention in construction.
  In the process of installation, the construction of foundations, assembly links, electrical lines and other projects should be strictly carried out in accordance with the construction specifications. If there are special requirements such as constant temperature, shock proof, dust proof, moisture proof and fire prevention in the installation process, measures should be taken so that the construction of the project can be carried out only when the conditions are met.
  3) Equipment operation
  Equipment operation can be divided into idle test, load test and precision test.
  (1) The idling test is to check the maintenance of the installation accuracy of the equipment, the stability of the equipment, and whether the transmission, manipulation, control, lubrication, hydraulic system is normal, sensitive and reliable, and other related parameters and performance are carried out under the condition of Beethoven-free operation. A certain period of no-load operation is an indispensable step for running-in of Hengchang new equipment before putting it into use.
  (2) Load test of equipment: The test equipment is tested under several standard load conditions, and in some cases. In load experiment, the temperature rise of bearing should be checked according to the standard, and whether the hydraulic system, transmission, operation, control, safety and other devices work up to the factory standard and whether they are normal, safe and reliable. Trial operation under different load conditions is also necessary for the running-in of new equipment. The quality of running-in test has a great influence on the service life of equipment.
  (3) Accuracy experiment of equipment: Generally, it should be carried out according to the specification after load test. It is necessary to check not only the geometric accuracy of equipment itself, but also the accuracy of work (processed products). Most of the tests were carried out two months after the equipment was put into use.
  4) Work after trial operation of equipment
  First disconnect the main circuit and power source of the equipment, and then check and record the following equipment:
  (1) Cleaning, lubricating and tightening the equipment after running-in, replacing or repairing the faulty parts, and debugging, so as to make the equipment in a good state of use;
  (2) Make and sort out the inspection records of geometric accuracy and processing accuracy of equipment and the test records of other functions;
  (3) Collect and record the situation (including troubleshooting) during the trial operation of the equipment;
  (4) For the problems that can not be adjusted, the reasons are analyzed and summarized from the aspects of equipment design, manufacturing, transportation, storage and installation.
  (5) To make evaluation conclusions on the operation of the equipment, to handle the opinions, to handle the handover procedures, and to indicate the personnel and dates participating in the trial operation.
  5) Acceptance and transfer of equipment installation works.
  (1) The construction acceptance of the equipment foundation shall be carried out by the quality inspector of the construction department in conjunction with the civil engineer, and the construction acceptance form shall be filled in. The construction quality of foundation must conform to the basic drawing and technical requirements.
  (2) Post-acceptance of equipment installation works shall be carried out after the equipment is qualified for commissioning. The equipment management department and the process technology department, together with other departments, will take part in the inspection and acceptance with the participation of relevant personnel in the aspects of installation, inspection, safety and use, make appraisal, fill in the certificates of installation and construction quality, accuracy inspection, safety performance, test run record, etc., and the acceptance handover slip shall be signed by all the personnel participating in the acceptance and acceptance before completion.
  (3) Handing over formalities after acceptance and acceptance of equipment
  Equipment open-box acceptance (or equipment installation handover acceptance form), equipment operation test record form signed by all parties participating in the acceptance and technical documents brought along with the equipment shall be brought into the equipment file management by the equipment management department; spare parts and spare parts with the equipment shall be filled in the warehouse storage form and sent to the equipment warehouse for storage. Safety management departments should file safety issues in installation tests.
  (4) When the equipment has been handed over, the equipment management department shall sign the notification of the equipment commissioning, and the copies shall be submitted to the equipment management department, the user unit, the financial department and the production management department respectively as the basis for archiving, notifying the beginning of use, the fixed assets management certificate and the assessment of the project plan.


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